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Cisco Telecommunications

Oct 20, 2016 |

Since the mid-1990s, Cisco has been well established as one of the world leaders in the advent and vending of telecommunications equipment and software used throughout the home, small business and corporate industry. Yet in addition to network services such as routers, cyber security systems, storage, broadcasting and VoIP, Cisco also provide a unique service […more]

Recruitment Consultant

Jul 11, 2016 |

The role of a recruitment consultant is to help employers to identify the key elements required to fill a job vacancy, and to select and recruit applicants to fill those vacancies. Essential skills for a good recruitment consultant to have are good sales and marketing skills as a large proportion of the role involves selling […more]


May 10, 2016 |
telecommunications jobs

The Comtech sector is undoing rapid growth, with a push towards Wireless Communications demand has never been higher for delivery, technical and sales staff to meet the ever-increasing needs of the industry. To fill this demand, quick and accurate placement of candidates is imperative. The challenge, as a telecommunications jobs recruiter, lies not only in […more]