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Jul 11, 2016 |

The role of a recruitment consultant is to help employers to identify the key elements required to fill a job vacancy, and to select and recruit applicants to fill those vacancies. Essential skills for a good recruitment consultant to have are good sales and marketing skills as a large proportion of the role involves selling recruitment consultancy services to new companies. Companies hire recruitment consultants to do the legwork of searching through CVs for the ideal candidate for a role, so a good recruitment consultant should be able to demonstrate that hiring their services is cost-effective and efficient. Similarly, good interpersonal skills are vital for working as a recruitment consultant as the role involves being able to liaise with both the advertising company and the potential employee.

For a career in recruitment consultancy a degree in a subject such as business studies, marketing, or management is required although any subject matter may also be considered. Additional experience in sales or administrative roles is also beneficial to gaining a graduate recruitment consultant position. A keen attention to detail is important as a good recruitment telecoms consultant should be able to identify when applicants are better suited to alternative roles.

The first few months working as a recruitment consultant will mostly consist of in-depth training in sales, interviewing and company law/practices. Eventually responsibilities will increase, progressing from training to assisting on existing contracts. Within a year, a new recruitment consultant equipped with experience within the industry will then be responsible for securing and working on their own contracts and mentoring new recruitment consultants.

As experience grows, recruitment consultants often specialise in a specific business sector such as medicine or marketing. In-depth knowledge of a particular sector provides both candidates and clients with a better service as the recruiter is better able to identify skills important to the role.

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